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What do club nights involve

TCC endeavours to provide a wide range of activities to help you enjoy and extend your photographic abilities. We provide a comprehensive mixed programme of guest speakers, practical nights, competitions and other events and our members get plenty of opportunities to experiment and learn new techniques.

Our evenings are extremely enjoyable and helpful, both to new and experienced. We help beginners to make a start in photography and more experienced members are always available and ready to help if advice or practical instruction is needed. If any member needs help in any aspect of photography, the committee and other members will be pleased to answer questions or arrange instruction, where possible.

No matter what your skill level or style of photography, there is something for everyone within the club. Our members are particularly encouraged to show off their work, which is exhibited with fairness and equality. Appropriate and honest feedback is provided by accredited photographic judges. We have a published programme of events featuring a range of activities to give variety and interest to all our members.  These include:

•             Evenings when members or guest speakers show and talk about their pictures

•             Practical evenings to improve your photographic skills and techniques

•             Sessions on how to use software to improve the final picture

•             Trips out to take pictures at a particular venue

•             Various competitions, digital or prints, which you can enter if you wish to

•             Friendly internal critique sessions where we learn from each other

Our fundamental belief is that the more we practice taking images, and sharing them with others with a similar interest, the better we all get. Our current members include some seriously good photographers alongside near beginners, all with one aim – to improve at their hobby in an enjoyable atmosphere. 

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